Our company for fruits and vegetables processing opened in 2008 and called itself "PRODSERVIS-IR Ltd".

The main directions of our activity are:
1. Processing of fruit and vegetable raw, in particular, apples, cherries, apricots, plums, currants, blueberries, citrus fruits, carrots and pumpkin to the condition of aseptic canning puree using chemical preservatives (sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate);
2. Producing of fruit and vegetable prefabrications for the confectionery industry:
• apple jam (thermostable, not thermostable);
• thermostable fillings in the range;
• not thermostable fillings in the range;
• fillings for croissants, rolls, cakes etc.;
• heterogeneous and homogeneous fillings in the range;
• fruits in gel in the range;
• fruit glazes (confectionery gels of hot application).
3. Producing of fruit and vegetable prefabrications for the dairy and ice cream industries.
4. Producing of pectin-containing prefabrications and pectin-enriched products.
5. Producing of artificial honey.
6. Producing of pastille.
In our laboratory, we constantly carry out a research work on expanding the product range and improving technologies commissioned by the customer...
Our specialists are always ready to advise you on issues relating to the adaptation of jams, preserves, fruit and berry fillings and other ingredients to the conditions of your manufacture (technological process, recipes, regulatory requirements).
"Prodservice-IR Ltd" cooperates with the National University of Food Technologies. Our products are created in accordance with current regulatory and technical documentation (GOST, Technical Conditions)

фруктовое пюре

Fruit and vegetable puree

Fruit and vegetable puree by Prodservice-IR Ltd are very popular among our clients owing to its high quality. There are apple, pumpkin and carrot aseptic puree, preserved with sodium benzoate. Get the aseptic apple puree from the Ukrainian producer and enjoy the high quality at an affordable price.



Apple and pumpkin jam is made according to State Standard of Ukraine DSTU-6072.2009. Call us or mail and order that jam at affordable prices just from the manufacturer in Ukraine.
Packing: carton 10.5 kg, plastic bucket 25 kg.

термостабильная начинка

Bakery fillings

Prodservice-IR Ltd. offers a wide range of transparent and translucent, thermostable and not thermostable bakery fillings for sale. There are homogeneous heat-resistant ones. Filling are suitable for gingerbreads, cakes, cookies or marshmallows. Fruit and berry fillings right from the Ukrainian producer. Fillings for buns and puff bakery products.

Our services

We develop recipes of fillings according to your wishes.
We are always glad to cooperate with you on mutually beneficial terms.

Individual recipe

We develop custom-made puree according to individual organoleptic, physical and chemical indicators.

Gel for confectionery decorating

Range: "Cherry", "Apricot", "Orange", "Lemon", "Strawberry", "Raspberry", "Kiwi", "Peach"

Fast performance

Delivery time: 3 to 5 business days.
Minimum quantity - 60 kg.



Ukraine, Kiev region,
Mikhailovka-Rubezhovka, 08110,
School St., 30
fax: +380964325684

Ask your question or send an offer.
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CEO - Vladimir Khachko

Ukraine, Kiev region, Mikhailovka-Rubezhovka, 08110, School St., 30